A great concept

Sibylla shop in shop combines 90 years of food craftsmanship and a well-known Swedish brand with modern fast food handling adapted for the service trade. The concept is scalable and can be combined to suit your space and specific needs. We make it easy and profitable to offer your customers great food on the go.
  • Traditional Swedish brand

  • Tasty, warm food to go

  • Customizable hardware setups

Our offer

Sibylla shop in shop is a fast food concept with good taste at its core, adapted to the modern service trade. With everything you need to create a profitable business, from equipment and training to marketing. The concept has been successfully launched internationally and is currently available in seven markets outside Sweden. Contact us and we'll help you get started.

A Swedish classic

Sibylla's history

Towards a carbon neutral food chain

The Sibylla brand is owned by Atria Sweden, one of Northern Europe's leading food companies with well-known brands such as Lönneberga, Lithells, Ridderheims and Sibylla.

Atria's sustainability work