A tasty Swedish love story 

In 1907, Oskar Lithell set up his first factory in Kumla and started producing sausages. Twenty-five years later, the first hot dog was launched and one of Sweden's oldest and most popular brands saw the light of day.

A classic since 1932

The name Sibylla was the result of a competition to name both the new brand and the new sausage. The reasoning behind the winning entry was that a sausage that good was fit for a king and should have a royal name. So it was named after the German princess who married the Swedish Prince Gustav Adolf in the same year

During the recession of the 1930s, Oskar Lithell started serving sausages from small carts to boost sales. They were the start of modern Swedish street food. In 1972, the first hamburger was launched, and so the great "hamburger wave" had reached Sweden.

In 1994, the innovative Sibylla shop-in-shop concept was launched and quickly became a market success thanks to its adaptation to the conditions of the service trade. Even today, the concept is one of Sibylla's most successful, with an international presence in several countries. South Korea is the latest market to join the Sibylla shop in shop concept.

The original target group for Oskar Lithell's sausage carts was "motoring youth". Today, they’ve been joined by many more and varying consumer groups. Sibylla's products can be found in our nationwide chain in Sweden, in petrol and service outlets both in Sweden and internationally, in grocery stores in Sweden, at events, arenas and festivals and are enjoyed by many in many different situations. A tasty Swedish love story with extra everything. 

Sibylla's story in brief

  • 1907 Oskar Lithell starts in Kumla
  • 1932 The Sibylla boiled sausage is launched
  • 1949 Production of sausages (Frankfurter style) begins
  • 1957 Production moves to Sköllersta
  • 1972 Sibylla's hamburgers are launched
  • 1994 The Sibylla concept is launched in Sweden (shop in shop)
  • 1997 The Sibylla concept is launched in Finland (shop in shop)
  • 1997 The Sibylla chain is established with more than 170 franchisees/restaurants
  • 1999 The Sibylla concept is launched in Poland (shop in shop)
  • 2004 The Sibylla brand is named a Superbrand
  • 2016 Sibylla is Franchise Chain of the Year
  • 2017 The Sibylla concept is launched in the UK and South Korea