An unbeatable concept in 4 easy steps

Sibylla shop in shop is a complete concept that allows you to offer your customers delicious fast food based on your specific conditions. All adapted to the demands of the modern service trade for quality, flexibility, hygiene and - not least - profitability.

Step 1: Choose assortment

We have been producing top quality food for 90 years, always with a focus on quality, taste and product safety, offering everything from sausages, burgers and tortillas, to tasty accompaniments and sauces. Click below to read more about our range

Step 2: Choose equipment

Our concept is built around a number of state-of-the-art, flexible and well thought-out modules. We will help you design and install a complete equipment package to suit your needs. Click below to read more about our equipment.

Step 3: Choose your marketing

Marketing food is based on equal parts visibility and clarity - and of course it has to sound and look really good! As a customer of Sibylla shop in shop you get access to our marketing material. Click below to read more about what's included.

Step 4: Service & Support

All our modules are highly reliable. If you still need fast service, our customer service is open around the clock to help you, so you can continue to serve delicious meals, safely and worry-free. It's not just reliable equipment that is crucial to profitable business, knowledge of quality, service and hygiene is just as important. As part of Sibylla Shop in shop, we help you with this. Together we will further develop your concept with the aim of always maximising your profitability.

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