A much-loved brand

Sibylla is one of Sweden's most well-known brands and has been awarded the "Superbrand" award. The name carries eternal values such as tradition and security. At the same time, the brand is modern and always just as relevant for anyone who is hungry on the go, on the road or just craving something tasty.

Like it should taste

Sibylla is part of Swedish food culture at its best and most Swedes have a relationship with the brand. The first Sibylla sausage was launched back in 1932 and since then Sibylla has held a special place in the hearts of Swedes.

We are here for you

You can buy our delicious products throughout Sweden where you will find us and our complete Sibylla shop in shop concept in the service trade as well as the Sibylla chain's fast food restaurants. Customers and consumers can also find us in grocery stores and at venues and events. Internationally, you can find our tasty products through the Sibylla shop in shop concept in several markets.

A classic since 1932

In 1907, Oskar Lithell set up his first factory and business premises in Kumla and began producing sausages. Twenty-five years later, the first hot dog was launched and one of Sweden's oldest and most popular brands saw the light of day.

Sibylla is a part of Atria

Atria Sweden is one of Northern Europe's leading food companies with well-known brands such as Lönneberga, Lithells, Ridderheims and Sibylla. At Atria we love good food and we believe in "Good food - better mood"

About Atria Sweden

Product safety and the environment Product safety and the environment at the heart

Just as it goes without saying that our products should taste good, they are produced in a way that ensures high product safety and quality.

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