Hot Chipotle roller grill, 100g

A hot novelty for all sausage lovers! It gets its great flavour and heat from smoked and dried chili peppers complemented by both green jalapeño and cayenne! Perfect for the roller grill!


Thawed product: roller grill 80 - 85°C for 25 - 30 min or until core temperature 72 °C is reached. The sausage can be left on the roller grill for up to 2 hours.


Storage: at freezing temperature (-18 °C) until the date indicated on the package (best before date). In the refrigerator (+8 °C) max. 5 days. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

In the refrigerator (+8 °C) max 5 days. May not be refrozen after thawing.

Nutritional values 100g

  • Energy1081 Kj/261 kcal
  • Fat21 g
  • - Of which is saturated fat8.3 g
  • Carbohydrates5.9 g
  • - Of which sugars1.1 g
  • Protein12 g
  • Salt2.1 g

Manufacturing country


Packaging information

  • Weight/Each100 g
  • Pcs/Carton.108 pcs
  • Weight/Packaging.1.2 kg
  • Total number of packages/Carton9 pcs
  • Weight/Carton.10.8 kg
  • Pcs/Pallet/lav60/12

Shelf life

244 days