We support you all the way 

Handling and serving food requires good knowledge in a number of different areas. At Sibylla Shop in shop, we also demand that guests are always offered the right quality, service and hygiene when they visit one of our units. 

We help you get started 

The Sibylla shop in shop concept includes simple and educational coaching during installation as well as some further training for you and your staff, in the following areas: 

  • Assembly, cleaning and procedures 
  • Assortment & equipment 
  • Hygiene and self-monitoring 
  • Sales techniques (practical suggestions & measures to maximise your sales) 

Service 24/7 

All our modules are highly reliable. However, should you need fast service, our customer service is open around the clock to help you, so that you can continue to serve delicious meals, safely and worry-free. Contact us to find out more about our service offer. 

Help with hygiene and self-monitoring 

It is also of the utmost importance that we, in all aspects of our concept Sibylla Shop in shop, meet all hygiene requirements set by the EU. To ensure that, we offer guidelines and instructions for setting up a self-monitoring program. please contact our sales representatives to find out more. 

Help to develop your business 

A successful fast food concept requires ongoing attention, attendance, training and supervision. Our sales team consists of a number of experienced experts that can answer your questions and help you design a tailor-made solution to develop your business.