Sibylla's touch points

In Sweden, you can find Sibylla mainly at two different points of sale. Visit Sibylla's nationwide chain of around 140 fast food restaurants or Sibylla's shop in shop concept in the service trade. Customers and consumers can also find Sibylla in grocery stores and at venues and events.

Internationally, Sibylla can be found mainly through the shop in shop concept in the petrol channel and service outlets. Today, Sibylla shop in shop is available in seven European markets outside Sweden, with South Korea as the latest addition.

We value a good and close cooperation with our customers, wholesalers and retailers. Small or large does not matter. The most important thing is that our partners know our products and what we stand for.

Sibylla Shop in shop

Sibylla shop in shop is a complete concept that enables easy serving of delicious​ fast food. What has made the concept successful is that it has been developed entirely on the terms of the modern service trade. The concept solution includes equipment, installation, on-site training, service, help with marketing and, of course, a wide range of products for hungry guests looking for good food on the go.

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Fast food restaurants

The street food culture in Sweden has a long and proud history and most Swedes have a loving relationship with it, thanks in large part to Sibylla. Today's Sibylla is a modern chain of fast food restaurants around Sweden, serving tasty and fresh food to anyone who wants something quick and tasty on the go. The Sibylla chain offers everything from the Swedish classic "en kokt med bröd" (i.e. a boiled sausage with bread) to complete menus with sausages, burgers, meatballs, chicken, kebabs and much more.

Sibylla is a franchise chain, which means that the local Sibylla restaurants are run by individual entrepreneurs. The Sibylla chain is part of Nordic Fast Food AB (NFF), which through a licence agreement with Sibylla Sweden AB has the right to operate the Sibylla concept.

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