Everyone’s involved

As a leading food company, we at Atria must take responsibility. We do this by breaking down our sustainability work into all our different business units and functions. 

Atria's sustainability work

Responsibility is not just on the management’s agenda. The actions range from small things like turning off the lights in unused premises, to big like switching from oil to pellet boilers and transit to 100% green electricity.

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What We Do for the Planet

Producing and delivering food puts a strain on the environment - we know that. That is why our primary goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral food supply chain, meaning our production and distribution will not cause an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To achieve this, we have five focus areas:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions
  2. Renewable energy sources
  3. Making energy and water consumption more efficient
  4. Environmentally friendly packaging
  5. Halve food waste by 2030

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What We Do for Product Safety and Animal Welfare

It is our clear responsibility to put product safety and consumers health first. We have full traceability on our products and aim to offer full transparency to the consumer on the packaging. We have a zero vision when it comes to the use of antibiotics and animal care incidents.

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What We Do for People

With safely produced and nutritious food, we create culinary pleasure for every occasion. We achieve this through happy and safe staff. A safe working environment and a place with room for development are therefore essential to our business. 

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Being a Good Company

As the large company we are, we want to set a good example. Complying with laws and regulations is as natural to us as listening to our stakeholders and their demands. For us, profitable growth is linked to ethics and value-creating partnerships. Being a good company also means considering the economic, social and environmental aspects of our business. We also require our business partners to follow similar principles in their operations.

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