A traditional Swedish brand

Sibylla was one of the first fast food brands in Sweden in what was then the "convenience food" segment (today fast food). It has received the "Superbrand" award and is one of Sweden's best-known brands.

Sibylla carries eternal values such as security and tradition – the first Sibylla sausage was launched as early as 1932. Since then Sibylla has had a given place in Swedish food culture. For many, "a sausage with bread" is synonymous with Sibylla.

Sibylla has a rare and long experience, 90 years to be exact, of producing and serving good food. But we would never be where we are today, if we had compromised on quality, taste and product safety. Through constant development and innovation, Sibylla of today is always just as relevant to anyone who’s hungry on the go, on the road or just craving something tasty. Sibylla is a brand that can strengthen your business and offer added value to your customers.

Good ideas spread

It is not only in Sweden that Sibylla shop in shop has been successful. Just like the word about where to eat the best sausage, the concept has spread. Today, Sibylla shop in shop is available in 7 markets in total with South Korea being the latest addition to join the Sibylla family. 

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